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the Studio

My studio is designed to provide great sounds either in person or over the internet. I have been a digital editor and programmer for much of the last 20+ years. I specialize in fixing recorded tracks and final mixes. My newest endeavor is in repairing tracks that have wrong or displaced notes, intonation problems or timing problems within a chord. Check it out here.

"Built from the dirt up," the studio is also the home of Lawless / Rackley Music, unique birthplace of music for TV, film and radio. From this comfy nest comes some of the finest production library music available.

The studio was built specifically for the needs of this writing team, but it is also enlisted for any full music production project. A remote 32 track digital multitrack setup makes "on location" recording a snap with full integration to the studio for overdubs and mixdown. The studio and equipment lend itself to keyboard sessions either inhouse, remote, or "live" via internet. The background and talents of the artists make it a comfortable spot for serious projects.