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Rèsumé - Terry D. Lawless

Voice (805) 878-0311
Education     "Knowledge is freedom and ignorance is slavery."...Miles Davis
Thomas Jefferson H. S., Council Bluffs, IA., 4.3 GPA, Summa Cum Laude
Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA, 3.7 GPA, with honors; B.A., Education; B.M., Music
Additional courses in Applied Music at the U of Iowa, Iowa City, IA and in Computer Science at Pierce College, Canoga Park, CA

Professional Affiliations
American Federation of Musicians (AFL/CIO) Local 308 - Santa Barbara
Audio Engineering Society

Operate "Lawless Studio Services", a complete multitrack Digital Performer / ProTools digital recording, manipulation and design facility (since 1984). The business is primarily a vehicle for post production, although synth manufacturers, touring staffs and CD producers have used the services for synth programming, sequencing, sound & FX design, and sampling; specializing in offstage sequencing.

Operate the Studio. This complex, in Santa Maria, CA, is designed exclusively for keyboard and horn section overdubs. The collection of classic keyboard instruments (over 30 years of collection) is readily available to lay down tracks in a variety of the most popular digital formats. It can be accessed in the Santa Maria brick and mortar site or over high speed web session.

Operate (in partnership) "Lawless Rackley Music", a composition team geared for production music, film, television and radio commercials and incidental music. Custom original composition and publishing services are also offered.

Touring and performance highlights
"The Joshua Tree" Tour, 2017 - current
World Tour
Don Henley
"2016 Tour", 2016
Playing hits from his entire 4 decade career
"Songs of Innocence" Tour, 2015
"U2: INNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE, the Paris Concerts", Dec, 2015
Polly O'Keary and the Rhythm Method
Central California Tour, August, 2015
World Aids Day, Times Square, December 1, 2014
"Songs of Innocence" European Radio Promo Tour, November and December, 2014
First Musical Guest on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, February 17, 2014
"The Academy Awards", March 2, 2014
"The Apple Keynote Address convention", September 2, 2014
Keith Emerson
Hammond Organ NAMM All-Star Lineup, January 24, 2014
P!NK "Truth About Love" Tour, 2013
"The Academy Awards", March 2, 2014
"The Grammy Awards", February 8, 2014
private shows, 2016
Foreigner "Feels Like The First Time" Tour, 2012
Bono & the Edge
"Bill Clinton Foundation" 10th anniversary, Hollywood Bowl, October 15, 2011
"American Idol" last episode, Spiderman performance, May 25, 2011
U2 "360°" Tour, 2009-2011 (largest grossing tour in history)
Surpassed the Stones for largest grossing tour ever
The Glastonbury Festival
Video / audio links to the International Space Station
Conan O'Brien Show (TBS)
Magnetic Hill Music Festival
Largest touring set ever built
Carried representatives of "One Campaign" and "Amnesty International"
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band World "Magic Tour", 2008
U2 "No Line On The Horizon" Promo Tour, 2008
The European MTV Awards (UTV)
25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame (HBO)
First YouTube live concert stream - Rose Bowl (YouTube / Google)
Saturday Night Live (NBC)
44th US Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies at the Lincoln Memorial (HBO)
The 51st Annual Grammy Awards (CBS)
The UK Brit Awards (ITV, UTV)
The German Echo Awards
The Johnathan Ross Show (BBC)
Comedic Relief (BBC)
The Jo Whiley Show (BBC)
The 7th Floor Balcony of the BBC (BBC)
The David Letterman Show (5 nights) (CBS)
U2 "Vertigo" Tour, 2004-2006 (most successful tour in history)
Live 8 Opening Ceremonies with Paul McCartney
The Cannes Film Festival (2007)
Tokyo After Hours
Reopening of the New Orleans Superdome (with Green Day)
The 47th Annual Grammy Awards
The 48th Annual Grammy Awards
The 49th Annual Grammy Awards
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Awards and induction ceremonies
"Tops Of The Pops (BBC)"
Cher "Living Proof" Tour, 2002-2004 (most successful female artist tour in history)
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10th Anniversary
U2 "Elevation" Tour, 2001
Saturday Night Live
Late Night with David Letterman
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The 44th Annual Grammy Awards
The 45th Annual Grammy Awards
The 46th Annual Grammy Awards
The Academy Awards
Superbowl XXXV
The Today Show
halftime of the NBA Championships
Chicago 25th Anniversary Tour, 2002
Memorial Day at the White House
Backstreet Boys "Black and Blue" Tour, 2001
The Today Show
Stevie Nicks various benefit concerts, 2000
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band US "Reunion" Tour, 2000
Hanson Tour, 2000
Jackson Browne with the Eagles "Shows of the Millenium", 1999
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band World "Reunion Tour", 1999
The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions
Janet Jackson "Velvet Rope" tour, 1998-99
Saturday Night Live
The MTV Music Awards
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Late Night with David Letterman
The Jackson Family Honors
Phil Collins "Dance Into the Light" Tour, 1997
The Oprah Winphrey Show
Boston "21st Anniversary" tour, 1997
The Artist Formerly Known as Prince various shows, 1997
Chicago summer tour, 1997 rehearsal programming
David Bowie "Outside" tour, 1995-96
Late Night with David Letterman
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The VH-1 Fashion Awards
Saturday Night Live
The Brit Awards
The White Room with Jools Holland
David Sanborn "Hearsay" tour, 1996
Janet Jackson "janet." tour, 1993-94 & Australian / European tour, 1995
The Academy Awards
Saturday Night Live
The MTV Music Awards
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Late Night with David Letterman
The Doobie Brothers "Reunion" tour, 1995
Bonnie Raitt "Caravan of Rhythm & Blues" tour, 1995
Paula Abdul "Spellbound" tour, 1991-1992
The MTV Music Awards
Don Henley "End of the Innocence" tour, 1990
Jimmy Buffett "Fruitcakes" tour, 1994
The Moody Blues "Threshhold" tour, 1994 & Casino tour, 1996
Michael Jackson "Dangerous" tour, 1992; rehearsal synth programming
Sheena Easton "Lover in Me" tour, 1990-91
Al Jarreau "European Jazz Festival" tour, 1993
Al Jarreau "Heaven & Earth" tour, 1992
Jon Anderson "Latin America" tour, 1993
Barry Manilow "Big Fun" tour, 1987-88
Barry Manilow "On Broadway" tour, 1989-90
Gino Vannelli "Inconsolable Man" tour, 1991
Gino Vannelli "Live in Montreal" tour, 1991
DVDs / Video
U2, U2: INNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE, the Paris Concerts, HBO, 2015, DVD 2016
U2, The 360 Tour Live, (Live YouTube simulcast of Rose Bowl Show) Google / YouTube, 2009
U2, U2-3D, (3D film) Mercury / Interscope, 2007
U2, U218 Singles, (CD/DVD) Mercury / Interscope, 2006
U2, U218 Singles - Live From Milan, (DVD) Mercury / Interscope, 2006
Mary J Blige & U2, One, (CD/DVD) Universal, 2006
Leonard Cohen & U2, I'm Your Man (Tower Of Song), (CD/DVD) Verve Forecast, 2006
U2, Vertigo//U2: Live From Chicago, (DVD) Mercury / Interscope, 2005
Cher, Living Proof Tour, (DVD) NBC, 2003
Tommy Drake, Tommy Drake Live, (DVD) , 2003
U2, U2 Go Home - Live From Slain Castle, (DVD) Mercury / Interscope, 2005
U2, Elevation Tour 2001 - Live From Boston, (DVD) Mercury / Interscope, 2002
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Live at Madison Square Garden, (Video) HBO, 2001
Conversations with Lourdes, Theme For Lourdes, (TV theme song) Terry Lawless ©2007
Janet Jackson, Live At Madison Square Garden, (Video) HBO, 1998
David Bowie, Bowie's 50th Birthday at Madison Square Garden, (Video) HBO, 1997
Al Jarreau, Tenderness, (Video and CD) Warner, 1993
Barry Manilow, Live on Broadway, (Video and CD) Arista, 1989 (Gold)

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